The Wrestler

1h 49m

Aging wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson is long past his prime but still ready and rarin' to go on the pro-wrestling circuit. After a particularly brutal beating, however, Randy hangs up his tights, pursues a serious relationship with a long-in-the-tooth stripper, and tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter. But he can't resist the lure of the ring and readies himself for a comeback.


  • Image Abraham Aronofsky
    Abraham Aronofsky
  • Image Ajay Naidu
    Ajay Naidu
  • Image Alex Whybrow
    Alex Whybrow
  • Image Alissa Reisler
    Alissa Reisler
  • Image Alyssa Bresnahan
    Alyssa Bresnahan
  • Image Andrea Langi
    Andrea Langi
  • Image Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson
  • Image Anna-Karin Eskilsson
    Anna-Karin Eskilsson
  • Image Armin Amiri
    Armin Amiri
  • Image Ben Van Bergen
    Ben Van Bergen
  • Image Bernadette Penotti
    Bernadette Penotti
  • Image Bill Walters
    Bill Walters
  • Image Billy Dream
    Billy Dream
  • Image Bobby Dempsey
    Bobby Dempsey
  • Image Brandon DiCamillo
    Brandon DiCamillo
  • Image Brian Heffron
    Brian Heffron
  • Image Brolly
  • Image Charles Renner
    Charles Renner
  • Image Charlotte Aronofsky
    Charlotte Aronofsky
  • Image Claudio Castagnoli
    Claudio Castagnoli
  • Image Cobian
  • Image Cory Kastle
    Cory Kastle
  • Image Daniel Healy Solwold Jr.
    Daniel Healy Solwold Jr.
  • Image Darnell Kittrell
    Darnell Kittrell
  • Image David John Markland
    David John Markland
  • Image Doc Daniels
    Doc Daniels
  • Image Donnetta Lavinia Grays
    Donnetta Lavinia Grays
  • Image Douglas Crosby
    Douglas Crosby
  • Image Dustin Howard
    Dustin Howard
  • Image Dylan Keith Summers
    Dylan Keith Summers
  • Image E.J. Carroll
    E.J. Carroll
  • Image Emmanuel Yarborough
    Emmanuel Yarborough
  • Image Eric Santamaria
    Eric Santamaria
  • Image Erika Smith
    Erika Smith
  • Image Ernest Miller
    Ernest Miller
  • Image Evan Ginzburg
    Evan Ginzburg
  • Image Evan Rachel Wood
    Evan Rachel Wood
  • Image Felice Choi
    Felice Choi
  • Image Giovanni Roselli
    Giovanni Roselli
  • Image Gregg Bello
    Gregg Bello
  • Image Henry Kwan
    Henry Kwan
  • Image Inferno
  • Image Jamar Shipman
    Jamar Shipman
  • Image James Manley
    James Manley
  • Image Jay Santana
    Jay Santana
  • Image Jeff Chena
    Jeff Chena
  • Image Jen Cohn
    Jen Cohn
  • Image Jess Liaudin
    Jess Liaudin
  • Image John Corson
    John Corson
  • Image John D'Leo
    John D'Leo
  • Image John Zandig
    John Zandig
  • Image Johnny Valiant
    Johnny Valiant
  • Image Jon Trosky
    Jon Trosky
  • Image Judah Friedlander
    Judah Friedlander
  • Image Judas
  • Image Kevin Foote
    Kevin Foote
  • Image Kevin Matthews
    Kevin Matthews
  • Image Kid U.S.A.
    Kid U.S.A.
  • Image Kristopher Cope
    Kristopher Cope
  • Image Lamar Braxton Porter
    Lamar Braxton Porter
  • Image Larry Mercer
    Larry Mercer
  • Image Lloyd Anoa'i
    Lloyd Anoa'i
  • Image Lynn Tovale Anoa'i
    Lynn Tovale Anoa'i
  • Image Marcia Jean Kurtz
    Marcia Jean Kurtz
  • Image Marisa Tomei
    Marisa Tomei
  • Image Mark Margolis
    Mark Margolis
  • Image Matt Cannon
    Matt Cannon
  • Image Maurizio Ferrigno
    Maurizio Ferrigno
  • Image Michael Drayer
    Michael Drayer
  • Image Michael Marino
    Michael Marino
  • Image Mickey Rourke
    Mickey Rourke
  • Image Mike Miller
    Mike Miller
  • Image Nate Hatred
    Nate Hatred
  • Image Nicholas K. Berk
    Nicholas K. Berk
  • Image Nick Papagerio
    Nick Papagerio
  • Image Olivia Baseman
    Olivia Baseman
  • Image Papadon
  • Image Paul E. Normous
    Paul E. Normous
  • Image Paul Thornton
    Paul Thornton
  • Image Pete Nixon
    Pete Nixon
  • Image Peter Conboy
    Peter Conboy
  • Image Piper Kenny
    Piper Kenny
  • Image Rafaela Ochoa
    Rafaela Ochoa
  • Image Rebecca Darke
    Rebecca Darke
  • Image Rob Strauss
    Rob Strauss
  • Image Robert D. Siegel
    Robert D. Siegel
  • Image Robert Oppel
    Robert Oppel
  • Image Ron Killings
    Ron Killings
  • Image Ryan Lynn
    Ryan Lynn
  • Image Ryan Tygh
    Ryan Tygh
  • Image Sakinah Bingham
    Sakinah Bingham
  • Image Scott Franklin
    Scott Franklin
  • Image Scott Siegel
    Scott Siegel
  • Image Steven Haworth
    Steven Haworth
  • Image Sugga
  • Image Sylvia Kauders
    Sylvia Kauders
  • Image TJ Kedzieerski
    TJ Kedzieerski
  • Image Toa Mairie
    Toa Mairie
  • Image Todd Barry
    Todd Barry
  • Image Tommy Farra
    Tommy Farra
  • Image Tyrone Scott
    Tyrone Scott
  • Image Vernon Campbell
    Vernon Campbell
  • Image Wass Stevens
    Wass Stevens
  • Image Whacks
  • Image Willy Rosner
    Willy Rosner
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