Their Finest

1h 57m

During the Blitz of World War II, a female screenwriter (Gemma Arterton) works on a film celebrating England's resilience as a way to buoy a weary populace's spirits. Her efforts to dramatise the true story of two sisters (Lily Knight and Francesca Knight) who undertook their own maritime mission to rescue wounded soldiers are met with mixed feelings by a dismissive all-male staff.


  • Image Alfie Stewart
    Alfie Stewart
  • Image Amanda Fairbank-Hynes
    Amanda Fairbank-Hynes
  • Image Amanda Root
    Amanda Root
  • Image Bella Ava Georgiou
    Bella Ava Georgiou
  • Image Bill Nighy
    Bill Nighy
  • Image Cathy Murphy
    Cathy Murphy
  • Image Claudia Jessie
    Claudia Jessie
  • Image Clive Russell
    Clive Russell
  • Image Darren Clarke
    Darren Clarke
  • Image Ed Birch
    Ed Birch
  • Image Eddie Marsan
    Eddie Marsan
  • Image Ellie Haddington
    Ellie Haddington
  • Image Emma Cunniffe
    Emma Cunniffe
  • Image Feline Allentoft
    Feline Allentoft
  • Image Florence Woolley
    Florence Woolley
  • Image Frances Jeater
    Frances Jeater
  • Image Francesca Knight
    Francesca Knight
  • Image Gaby Chiappe
    Gaby Chiappe
  • Image Gemma Arterton
    Gemma Arterton
  • Image Gordon Brown
    Gordon Brown
  • Image Helen McCrory
    Helen McCrory
  • Image Henry Goodman
    Henry Goodman
  • Image Hubert Burton
    Hubert Burton
  • Image Jack Huston
    Jack Huston
  • Image Jake Lacy
    Jake Lacy
  • Image Jay Simpson
    Jay Simpson
  • Image Jeremy Irons
    Jeremy Irons
  • Image Joanna Brookes
    Joanna Brookes
  • Image Julia Lewis
    Julia Lewis
  • Image Katie Jackson
    Katie Jackson
  • Image Kornelia Horvath
    Kornelia Horvath
  • Image Lee Whitlock
    Lee Whitlock
  • Image Letty Butler
    Letty Butler
  • Image Liliana Gane
    Liliana Gane
  • Image Lily Knight
    Lily Knight
  • Image Lissa Evans
    Lissa Evans
  • Image Michael Marcus
    Michael Marcus
  • Image Miles Richardson
    Miles Richardson
  • Image Mossie Smith
    Mossie Smith
  • Image Natalia Ryumina
    Natalia Ryumina
  • Image Nell Barlow
    Nell Barlow
  • Image Nicholas Murchie
    Nicholas Murchie
  • Image Patrick Gibson
    Patrick Gibson
  • Image Patrick Osborne
    Patrick Osborne
  • Image Paul Ritter
    Paul Ritter
  • Image Rachael Stirling
    Rachael Stirling
  • Image Rebecca Saire
    Rebecca Saire
  • Image Richard Bevan
    Richard Bevan
  • Image Richard E. Grant
    Richard E. Grant
  • Image Richard Syms
    Richard Syms
  • Image Sam Claflin
    Sam Claflin
  • Image Stephanie Hyam
    Stephanie Hyam
  • Image Stephen Boswell
    Stephen Boswell
  • Image Steve Carroll
    Steve Carroll
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