Image There Will Be Humans

There Will Be Humans


The series is built in the form of saga and depicts the turbulent periods of the beginning of the 20th century through the eyes of ordinary people: the First World War, the revolution, the emergence of Soviet regime. Each of the characters faced the changes in their own way through their concept of truth. However, all of them shared fundamental desire to live, love and find their own place in the new era.

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  • Image Akmal Huriezov
    Akmal Huriezov
  • Image Alina Kostiukova
    Alina Kostiukova
  • Image Ihor Koltovskyi
    Ihor Koltovskyi
  • Image Kateryna Hryhorenko
    Kateryna Hryhorenko
  • Image Kostiantyn Temliak
    Kostiantyn Temliak
  • Image Makar Tykhomyrov
    Makar Tykhomyrov
  • Image Oleksandr Mavrits
    Oleksandr Mavrits
  • Image Oleksandr Piskunov
    Oleksandr Piskunov
  • Image Olena Borozenets
    Olena Borozenets
  • Image Ostap Dziadek
    Ostap Dziadek
  • Image Viktor Zhdanov
    Viktor Zhdanov
  • Image Vitalii Azhnov
    Vitalii Azhnov
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