¡Three Amigos!

1h 42m

Three unemployed actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing.


  • Image Abel Franco
    Abel Franco
  • Image Alfonso Aráu
    Alfonso Aráu
  • Image Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson
  • Image Brinke Stevens
    Brinke Stevens
  • Image Chevy Chase
    Chevy Chase
  • Image Craig Berenson
    Craig Berenson
  • Image Dyana Ortelli
    Dyana Ortelli
  • Image Fred Asparagus
    Fred Asparagus
  • Image Gene Hartline
    Gene Hartline
  • Image Hector Elias
    Hector Elias
  • Image Humberto Ortiz
    Humberto Ortiz
  • Image Joe Mantegna
    Joe Mantegna
  • Image Jon Lovitz
    Jon Lovitz
  • Image Jorge Cervera Jr.
    Jorge Cervera Jr.
  • Image Joshua Gallegos
    Joshua Gallegos
  • Image Kai Wulff
    Kai Wulff
  • Image Martin Short
    Martin Short
  • Image Michael Wren
    Michael Wren
  • Image Norbert Weisser
    Norbert Weisser
  • Image Patrice Martinez
    Patrice Martinez
  • Image Phil Hartman
    Phil Hartman
  • Image Philip Gordon
    Philip Gordon
  • Image Rebecca Ferratti
    Rebecca Ferratti
  • Image Santos Morales
    Santos Morales
  • Image Sophia Lamour
    Sophia Lamour
  • Image Steve Martin
    Steve Martin
  • Image Tino Insana
    Tino Insana
  • Image Tony Plana
    Tony Plana
  • Image William B. Kaplan
    William B. Kaplan
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