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Image Three Girls

Three Girls


The story of three of the children who were victims in the 2012 grooming and sex trafficking case in Rochdale, for which nine men were convicted and sentenced. The drama explores how these girls were groomed, how they were ignored by the authorities directly responsible for protecting them, and how they eventually made themselves heard.

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  • Image Ace Bhatti
    Ace Bhatti
  • Image Adam Karim
    Adam Karim
  • Image Adrian Harris
    Adrian Harris
  • Image Amanda Hale
    Amanda Hale
  • Image Antonio Aakeel
    Antonio Aakeel
  • Image Bo Bragason
    Bo Bragason
  • Image Brian Fletcher
    Brian Fletcher
  • Image Deka Walmsley
    Deka Walmsley
  • Image Ellie Lightfoot
    Ellie Lightfoot
  • Image Ezra Khan
    Ezra Khan
  • Image Gurjeet Singh
    Gurjeet Singh
  • Image Haider Mohammed Javed
    Haider Mohammed Javed
  • Image Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee
  • Image Jackie Clune
    Jackie Clune
  • Image Jamie Ballard
    Jamie Ballard
  • Image Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes
  • Image Jay Sajjid
    Jay Sajjid
  • Image Jessica Fostekew
    Jessica Fostekew
  • Image Jill Halfpenny
    Jill Halfpenny
  • Image Jonas Khan
    Jonas Khan
  • Image Katherine Pearce
    Katherine Pearce
  • Image Katy Carmichael
    Katy Carmichael
  • Image Kerrie Hayes
    Kerrie Hayes
  • Image Lesley Sharp
    Lesley Sharp
  • Image Lisa Riley
    Lisa Riley
  • Image Liv Hill
    Liv Hill
  • Image Maggie Service
    Maggie Service
  • Image Marc Danbury
    Marc Danbury
  • Image Marc Geoffrey
    Marc Geoffrey
  • Image Mark Beswick
    Mark Beswick
  • Image Mark Carter
    Mark Carter
  • Image Matthew Heathcote
    Matthew Heathcote
  • Image Maxine Peake
    Maxine Peake
  • Image Molly Windsor
    Molly Windsor
  • Image Naomi Radcliffe
    Naomi Radcliffe
  • Image Nick Moss
    Nick Moss
  • Image Paul Hickey
    Paul Hickey
  • Image Paul Kaye
    Paul Kaye
  • Image Pearce Quigley
    Pearce Quigley
  • Image Perveen Hussain
    Perveen Hussain
  • Image Peter Singh
    Peter Singh
  • Image Philip Hill-Pearson
    Philip Hill-Pearson
  • Image Qas Hamid
    Qas Hamid
  • Image Ria Zmitrowicz
    Ria Zmitrowicz
  • Image Robert Gwilym
    Robert Gwilym
  • Image Ross Anderson
    Ross Anderson
  • Image Rupert Procter
    Rupert Procter
  • Image Salman Akhtar
    Salman Akhtar
  • Image Satnam Bhogal
    Satnam Bhogal
  • Image Simon Cook
    Simon Cook
  • Image Simon Nagra
    Simon Nagra
  • Image Steffan Rhodri
    Steffan Rhodri
  • Image Tebraiz Shahzad
    Tebraiz Shahzad
  • Image Tom Prior
    Tom Prior
  • Image Tristan Sturrock
    Tristan Sturrock
  • Image Vincenzo Pellegrino
    Vincenzo Pellegrino
  • Image Vineeta Rishi
    Vineeta Rishi
  • Image Waleed Akhtar
    Waleed Akhtar
  • Image Wasim Zakir
    Wasim Zakir
  • Image Zee Sulleyman
    Zee Sulleyman
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