Tijuana Bible

1h 45m
  • Tijuana Bible
  • 29-07-2020
  • Drama
  • Jean-Charles Hue
  • 0 votes

Holed up in Tijuana on a path to self-destruction, an Iraq veteran seeks deliverance by helping a young Mexican woman navigate the underworld in a quest for her long-lost brother.


  • Image Adriana Paz
    Adriana Paz
  • Image Alfredo Alvarado
    Alfredo Alvarado
  • Image Anthony A. Lobue
    Anthony A. Lobue
  • Image Giancarlo Ruiz
    Giancarlo Ruiz
  • Image José Leonardo Carrera
    José Leonardo Carrera
  • Image Noé Hernández
    Noé Hernández
  • Image Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson
  • Image Yolanda Mez Garcia
    Yolanda Mez Garcia
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