1h 55m

Playing opposite the director’s own wife and daughter, Willem Dafoe is a Ferrara-like American artist living in Rome in this improvised drama of doubt and disconnection, shot in self-reflective documentary style.


  • Image Alessandra Camilla Scarci
    Alessandra Camilla Scarci
  • Image Alessandra Scarci
    Alessandra Scarci
  • Image Alessandro Prato
    Alessandro Prato
  • Image Anastasia Balan
    Anastasia Balan
  • Image Anna Ferrara
    Anna Ferrara
  • Image Claudia Palmira
    Claudia Palmira
  • Image Cristina Chiriac
    Cristina Chiriac
  • Image Dharma Mangia Woods
    Dharma Mangia Woods
  • Image Harry McCrory
    Harry McCrory
  • Image Lorenzo Piazzoni
    Lorenzo Piazzoni
  • Image Luciano Sovena
    Luciano Sovena
  • Image Maricla Amoriello
    Maricla Amoriello
  • Image Sofia Rania
    Sofia Rania
  • Image Stefano Papa
    Stefano Papa
  • Image Stella Mastrantonio
    Stella Mastrantonio
  • Image Tonino Angelini
    Tonino Angelini
  • Image Willem Dafoe
    Willem Dafoe
  • Image William Supple
    William Supple
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