Tomorrow’s a New Day

1h 41m
  • Domani è un altro giorno
  • 28-02-2019
  • Drama
  • Simone Spada
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When theatre actor Giuliano receives an unexpected visit from his childhood friend Tommasso, the encounter is bittersweet. This reunion is their first meeting in many years, triggered by Giuliano’s failing health and his decision to forgo treatment. Instead he is focussed on putting his affairs in order: distributing possessions, reconciling past disputes, and, most importantly, finding a home for his beloved canine, Pato. Over four days, the two men walk the streets of Rome, visiting bookshops, restaurants, veterinarians and friends, examining their lives and speculating on what the future holds.


  • Image Alessandra Carrillo
    Alessandra Carrillo
  • Image Andrea Arcangeli
    Andrea Arcangeli
  • Image Anna Ferzetti
    Anna Ferzetti
  • Image Fabrizia Sacchi
    Fabrizia Sacchi
  • Image Jessica Cressy
    Jessica Cressy
  • Image Marco Giallini
    Marco Giallini
  • Image Pietro Ragusa
    Pietro Ragusa
  • Image Stefano Fregni
    Stefano Fregni
  • Image Valerio Mastandrea
    Valerio Mastandrea
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