Tooth Fairy 2

1h 30m
  • Tooth Fairy 2
  • 06-03-2012
  • Comedy, Family
  • Alex Zamm
  • 0 votes

Larry Guthrie, who loses his first love to the town hot shot, decides to win her back by volunteering with the children at her after-school program. When Larry accidentally tells the kids the Tooth Fairy is make-believe, he soon is transformed into a tutu-clad fairy with the "sentence" of collecting teeth.


  • Image Amy Fox
    Amy Fox
  • Image Anne Lockhart
    Anne Lockhart
  • Image Bob Lipka
    Bob Lipka
  • Image Brady Reiter
    Brady Reiter
  • Image Carlos Navarro
    Carlos Navarro
  • Image Carol C. Bailey
    Carol C. Bailey
  • Image Carolyn Gross
    Carolyn Gross
  • Image Cindy Karr
    Cindy Karr
  • Image Da'Zhaun Hicks
    Da'Zhaun Hicks
  • Image Dajalynn Sanchez
    Dajalynn Sanchez
  • Image Darrayl Miles
    Darrayl Miles
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    David Mackey
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    Demi Castro
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    Diana Lovell
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    Doreen Heard
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    Ellie Brannan
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    Erin Beute
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    Gabriel Suttle
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    Helen Keaney
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    Holland Hayes
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    J. Dennis Marsico
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    John Connon
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    Kristen Wharton
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    Larry the Cable Guy
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    Lauren O'Quinn
  • Image Lucius Baston
    Lucius Baston
  • Image Mary Rachel Dudley
    Mary Rachel Dudley
  • Image Mindy Sterling
    Mindy Sterling
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    Noah Kronenberger
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    Omar Elkalyoubie
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    Paige Branson
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    Rachel Durose
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    Sydney Rouviere
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    Tim Powell
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    Tim Rerucha
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    Tony Lopez
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