1h 32m

Spoof horror in which a group of college kids do a semester abroad in Romania and realise that if the partying doesn't kill them, the vampires just might!


  • Image Adrian Anghel
    Adrian Anghel
  • Image Adriana Butoi
    Adriana Butoi
  • Image Annette Charles
    Annette Charles
  • Image Ashley Barron
    Ashley Barron
  • Image Bonnie Morgan
    Bonnie Morgan
  • Image Brett Gipson
    Brett Gipson
  • Image Carey Embry
    Carey Embry
  • Image Choice J. Skinner
    Choice J. Skinner
  • Image Claudiu Trandafir
    Claudiu Trandafir
  • Image Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell
  • Image Corneliu Jipa
    Corneliu Jipa
  • Image Cristian Popa
    Cristian Popa
  • Image Damian Oancea
    Damian Oancea
  • Image Dana Lee
    Dana Lee
  • Image David Steinberg
    David Steinberg
  • Image Desiree Malonga
    Desiree Malonga
  • Image Dorin Andone
    Dorin Andone
  • Image Dorin Zaharia
    Dorin Zaharia
  • Image Dorina Lazăr
    Dorina Lazăr
  • Image Elena-Cristina Marchisano
    Elena-Cristina Marchisano
  • Image Irena Violette
    Irena Violette
  • Image James DeBello
    James DeBello
  • Image Jennifer Lyons
    Jennifer Lyons
  • Image Jessica Mei Gershen
    Jessica Mei Gershen
  • Image Jonathan Perkins
    Jonathan Perkins
  • Image Josh Miller
    Josh Miller
  • Image Kommerina DeYoung
    Kommerina DeYoung
  • Image Maia van Kline
    Maia van Kline
  • Image Mandinga
  • Image Mitch Hara
    Mitch Hara
  • Image Mo Anouti
    Mo Anouti
  • Image Musetta Vander
    Musetta Vander
  • Image Natalie Garza
    Natalie Garza
  • Image Nicole Garza
    Nicole Garza
  • Image Oren Skoog
    Oren Skoog
  • Image Patrick Casey
    Patrick Casey
  • Image Patrick Cavanaugh
    Patrick Cavanaugh
  • Image Paul Hansen Kim
    Paul Hansen Kim
  • Image Paul Zies
    Paul Zies
  • Image Radita Rosu
    Radita Rosu
  • Image Radu Andrei Daniel
    Radu Andrei Daniel
  • Image Scott Brandon
    Scott Brandon
  • Image Simon Petric
    Simon Petric
  • Image Ștefan Alexa
    Ștefan Alexa
  • Image Tony Denman
    Tony Denman
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