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  • Turnt
  • 01-01-2020
  • Drama
  • Mann Robinson
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This is a story of a young man named Kenny Stanford who had dreams of being an Successful artist in the music industry, but these dreams were cut short due to senseless street violence. His older brother Libaraiers Stanford lived by the laws of Money, Power and Respect. Due to the death of his brother, Libaraiers found himself on a new unlikely journey as a rap artist. He soon discovered that he possessed raw talent. This raw talent and his natural street persona birthed his rap name Rilla.


  • Image Annetta Asia Mion Brooks
    Annetta Asia Mion Brooks
  • Image Benzino
  • Image Che Mack
    Che Mack
  • Image Dennis L.A. White
    Dennis L.A. White
  • Image Jamal Woolard
    Jamal Woolard
  • Image Jonica Booth
    Jonica Booth
  • Image Khalidah Medlock
    Khalidah Medlock
  • Image Kristen Hurt
    Kristen Hurt
  • Image Loren Lott
    Loren Lott
  • Image Lunden De'Leon
    Lunden De'Leon
  • Image Mann Robinson
    Mann Robinson
  • Image Marian Berry-Hart
    Marian Berry-Hart
  • Image Nicole Alexander
    Nicole Alexander
  • Image Torrei Hart
    Torrei Hart
  • Image Wankaego Runyon
    Wankaego Runyon
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