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Roberto is a student in a corrupt university where teachers sell exams and only hire friends and relatives.


  • Image Antonino Bruschetta
    Antonino Bruschetta
  • Image Carlo Calderone
    Carlo Calderone
  • Image Francesco Russo
    Francesco Russo
  • Image Gino Astorina
    Gino Astorina
  • Image Luca Zingaretti
    Luca Zingaretti
  • Image Maurizio Marchetti
    Maurizio Marchetti
  • Image Monica Guerritore
    Monica Guerritore
  • Image Paolo Sassanelli
    Paolo Sassanelli
  • Image Roberto Lipari
    Roberto Lipari
  • Image Sergio Friscia
    Sergio Friscia
  • Image Silvana Fallisi
    Silvana Fallisi
  • Image Viktoriya Pisotska
    Viktoriya Pisotska
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