1h 37m

Recently promoted and transferred to the homicide division, Inspector Jessica Shepard feels pressure to prove herself -- and what better way than by solving San Francisco's latest murder? However, as Shepard and her partner, Mike Delmarco, soon discover, the victim shared a romantic connection to her. As more of Shepard's ex-lovers turn up dead, her mind starts to become unstable, and she begins to wonder if she could be the very killer she's trying to track down.


  • Image Andy García
    Andy García
  • Image Angela Tse
    Angela Tse
  • Image Angelo Miller
    Angelo Miller
  • Image Anni Long
    Anni Long
  • Image Ashley Judd
    Ashley Judd
  • Image Bruce Marovich
    Bruce Marovich
  • Image Camryn Manheim
    Camryn Manheim
  • Image Carola Zertuche
    Carola Zertuche
  • Image D.W. Moffett
    D.W. Moffett
  • Image Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez
  • Image David Strathairn
    David Strathairn
  • Image David Tenenbaum
    David Tenenbaum
  • Image Diane Amos
    Diane Amos
  • Image Drew Letchworth
    Drew Letchworth
  • Image Garrett Townsend
    Garrett Townsend
  • Image James Oliver Bullock
    James Oliver Bullock
  • Image Jim Hechim
    Jim Hechim
  • Image Joe Drago
    Joe Drago
  • Image Joe Duer
    Joe Duer
  • Image Leland Orser
    Leland Orser
  • Image Leonard L. Thomas
    Leonard L. Thomas
  • Image Leslie Kaye
    Leslie Kaye
  • Image Lyn Tomioka
    Lyn Tomioka
  • Image Mark Pellegrino
    Mark Pellegrino
  • Image Ofri Fuchs
    Ofri Fuchs
  • Image Peter Ridet
    Peter Ridet
  • Image Richard T. Jones
    Richard T. Jones
  • Image Russell Wong
    Russell Wong
  • Image Samuel L. Jackson
    Samuel L. Jackson
  • Image Titus Welliver
    Titus Welliver
  • Image Veronica Cartwright
    Veronica Cartwright
  • Image Victor Vallejo
    Victor Vallejo
  • Image William Hall
    William Hall
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