Two Turtle Doves

1h 30m

Dr. Sharon Hayes searches for a beloved family heirloom in a small Christmas town. When she unexpectedly discovers an adorable little girl and her disheartened father, she realizes that Christmas miracles really do happen.


  • Image Alicia Johnston
    Alicia Johnston
  • Image B.J. Harrison
    B.J. Harrison
  • Image Heidi Fielek
    Heidi Fielek
  • Image John B. Lowe
    John B. Lowe
  • Image Lanette Ware
    Lanette Ware
  • Image Michael Rady
    Michael Rady
  • Image Michaela Russell
    Michaela Russell
  • Image Nikki DeLoach
    Nikki DeLoach
  • Image Zach Smadu
    Zach Smadu
  • Image Zach Tinker
    Zach Tinker
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