Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story

1h 49m

An in-depth profile of the life and career of Willy T. Ribbs - the controversial Black driver who shattered the color barrier of professional auto-racing and became the first Black qualifier in the storied history of the Indy 500.


  • Image Al Unser, Jr.
    Al Unser, Jr.
  • Image Bernie Ecclestone
    Bernie Ecclestone
  • Image Bobby Unser
    Bobby Unser
  • Image David Hobbs
    David Hobbs
  • Image Geraldine Ribbs
    Geraldine Ribbs
  • Image Paul Newman
    Paul Newman
  • Image Phillip Ribbs
    Phillip Ribbs
  • Image Robby Unser
    Robby Unser
  • Image Willy T. Ribbs
    Willy T. Ribbs
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