Valley Girl

1h 39m

Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love. Somehow they need to stay together in spite of her trendy, shallow friends.


  • Image Andrew Winner
    Andrew Winner
  • Image Betsy Bond
    Betsy Bond
  • Image Cameron Dye
    Cameron Dye
  • Image Camille Calvet
    Camille Calvet
  • Image Christopher Murphy
    Christopher Murphy
  • Image Colleen Camp
    Colleen Camp
  • Image David Ensor
    David Ensor
  • Image Deborah Foreman
    Deborah Foreman
  • Image Elizabeth Daily
    Elizabeth Daily
  • Image Frederic Forrest
    Frederic Forrest
  • Image Heidi Holicker
    Heidi Holicker
  • Image Helen Kelly
    Helen Kelly
  • Image Joanne Baron
    Joanne Baron
  • Image Josie Cotton
    Josie Cotton
  • Image Joyce Hyser
    Joyce Hyser
  • Image Karl Johnson
    Karl Johnson
  • Image Laura Jacoby
    Laura Jacoby
  • Image Lee Purcell
    Lee Purcell
  • Image Lisa Antille
    Lisa Antille
  • Image Michael Bowen
    Michael Bowen
  • Image Michael Wyle
    Michael Wyle
  • Image Michelle Meyrink
    Michelle Meyrink
  • Image Nicolas Cage
    Nicolas Cage
  • Image Peter Case
    Peter Case
  • Image Prescott Niles
    Prescott Niles
  • Image Richard Sanders
    Richard Sanders
  • Image Robby Romero
    Robby Romero
  • Image Steve Sayre
    Steve Sayre
  • Image Steven Bauer
    Steven Bauer
  • Image Theresa Hayes
    Theresa Hayes
  • Image Tina Theberge
    Tina Theberge
  • Image Tony Markes
    Tony Markes
  • Image Tony Plana
    Tony Plana
  • Image Troy Martin
    Troy Martin
  • Image Wayne Crawford
    Wayne Crawford
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