Vi vil skilles

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  • Vi vil skilles
  • 03-05-1953
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  • Nils R. Müller
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Norwegian Drama Bitten and Ola seeks out the priest who married them in order to get mediated before they file for a divorce. As they recount the history of their marriage, it becomes clear that the two has differing opinions of what caused their dissension


  • Image Carl Hultman
    Carl Hultman
  • Image Elisabeth Bang
    Elisabeth Bang
  • Image Espen Skjønberg
    Espen Skjønberg
  • Image Finn Bernhoft
    Finn Bernhoft
  • Image Gaselle Müller
    Gaselle Müller
  • Image Lydia Opøien
    Lydia Opøien
  • Image Morten Müller
    Morten Müller
  • Image Paal Rocky
    Paal Rocky
  • Image Per Christensen
    Per Christensen
  • Image Per Skift
    Per Skift
  • Image Randi Kolstad
    Randi Kolstad
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