Warlock: The Armageddon

1h 38m

Every six hundred years, a great evil has the opportunity to escape and unleash Armageddon. A group of five stones has the power to either free the evil, or banish it for another six hundred years. An order of Druids battles with a Warlock determined to unleash his father upon the world.


  • Image Anthony Hickox
    Anthony Hickox
  • Image Brent Bolthouse
    Brent Bolthouse
  • Image Bruce Glover
    Bruce Glover
  • Image Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith
  • Image Carrie Martin
    Carrie Martin
  • Image Charles Hallahan
    Charles Hallahan
  • Image Chris Young
    Chris Young
  • Image Claudia Medina
    Claudia Medina
  • Image Craig Hurley
    Craig Hurley
  • Image Cristina Didiani
    Cristina Didiani
  • Image Daniel Osers
    Daniel Osers
  • Image Davis Gaines
    Davis Gaines
  • Image Dawn Ann Billings
    Dawn Ann Billings
  • Image Dawn Kapatos
    Dawn Kapatos
  • Image Elizabeth Nottoli
    Elizabeth Nottoli
  • Image Ferdy Mayne
    Ferdy Mayne
  • Image Frank Welker
    Frank Welker
  • Image Gary Carlos Cervantes
    Gary Carlos Cervantes
  • Image George Buck Flower
    George Buck Flower
  • Image Jeanie Sureck
    Jeanie Sureck
  • Image Jeanne Mori
    Jeanne Mori
  • Image Joanna Pacula
    Joanna Pacula
  • Image Joseph Bernard
    Joseph Bernard
  • Image Julian Sands
    Julian Sands
  • Image Justin Carow
    Justin Carow
  • Image Lawrence Mortorff
    Lawrence Mortorff
  • Image Leah Teweles
    Leah Teweles
  • Image Maite Garcia
    Maite Garcia
  • Image Maryana Chervets
    Maryana Chervets
  • Image Matt Patterson
    Matt Patterson
  • Image Michael Milker
    Michael Milker
  • Image Michelle Moffett
    Michelle Moffett
  • Image Micole Mercurio
    Micole Mercurio
  • Image Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros
    Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros
  • Image Monika Schnarre
    Monika Schnarre
  • Image Paula Marshall
    Paula Marshall
  • Image R. G. Armstrong
    R. G. Armstrong
  • Image Rebecca Street
    Rebecca Street
  • Image Richard Zobel
    Richard Zobel
  • Image Shannon Kies
    Shannon Kies
  • Image Sheryl Mary Lewis
    Sheryl Mary Lewis
  • Image Steve Kahan
    Steve Kahan
  • Image Tracy Logan
    Tracy Logan
  • Image Vasilia Hughes
    Vasilia Hughes
  • Image Wendy Hamilton
    Wendy Hamilton
  • Image Wren T. Brown
    Wren T. Brown
  • Image Yolande Jilot
    Yolande Jilot
  • Image Zach Galligan
    Zach Galligan
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