Waxwork II: Lost in Time

1h 44m

The survivors of the first Waxwork must use a portal through time to defeat the evil that has followed them and turned their lives upside down.


  • Image Alexander Godunov
    Alexander Godunov
  • Image Anthony Hickox
    Anthony Hickox
  • Image Athena Massey
    Athena Massey
  • Image Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell
  • Image David Carradine
    David Carradine
  • Image Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore
  • Image Frank Zagarino
    Frank Zagarino
  • Image George Buck Flower
    George Buck Flower
  • Image Gerry Lively
    Gerry Lively
  • Image Harrison Young
    Harrison Young
  • Image James D.R. Hickox
    James D.R. Hickox
  • Image Jim Metzler
    Jim Metzler
  • Image John Ireland
    John Ireland
  • Image John O'Leary
    John O'Leary
  • Image Juliet Mills
    Juliet Mills
  • Image Kate Murtagh
    Kate Murtagh
  • Image Laurie Rose
    Laurie Rose
  • Image Marie Foti
    Marie Foti
  • Image Marina Sirtis
    Marina Sirtis
  • Image Martin Kemp
    Martin Kemp
  • Image Maxwell Caulfield
    Maxwell Caulfield
  • Image Michael Des Barres
    Michael Des Barres
  • Image Monika Schnarre
    Monika Schnarre
  • Image Patrick Macnee
    Patrick Macnee
  • Image Shanna Lynn
    Shanna Lynn
  • Image Sophie Ward
    Sophie Ward
  • Image Stanley Sheff
    Stanley Sheff
  • Image Zach Galligan
    Zach Galligan
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