We Have a Pope

1h 42m

The newly elected Pope suffers a panic attack just as he is about to greet the faithful who have gathered to see him. His advisors, unable to convince him he is the right man for the job, call on a renowned therapist who also happens to be an atheist. But the Pope's fear of his newfound responsibility is one he must face alone. Winner Best Film at the Italian Golden Globes.


  • Image Camilla Ridolfi
    Camilla Ridolfi
  • Image Camillo Milli
    Camillo Milli
  • Image Cecilia Dazzi
    Cecilia Dazzi
  • Image Dario Cantarelli
    Dario Cantarelli
  • Image Enrico Ianniello
    Enrico Ianniello
  • Image Erik Merino
    Erik Merino
  • Image Francesco Brandi
    Francesco Brandi
  • Image Franco Graziosi
    Franco Graziosi
  • Image Gianluca Gobbi
    Gianluca Gobbi
  • Image Giovanni Ludeno
    Giovanni Ludeno
  • Image Jerzy Stuhr
    Jerzy Stuhr
  • Image Leonardo Della Bianca
    Leonardo Della Bianca
  • Image Lucia Mascino
    Lucia Mascino
  • Image Luis Rios Del Castillo
    Luis Rios Del Castillo
  • Image Manuela Mandracchia
    Manuela Mandracchia
  • Image Margherita Buy
    Margherita Buy
  • Image Maurizio Mannoni
    Maurizio Mannoni
  • Image Michel Piccoli
    Michel Piccoli
  • Image Nanni Moretti
    Nanni Moretti
  • Image Peter Boom
    Peter Boom
  • Image Renato Scarpa
    Renato Scarpa
  • Image Roberto De Francesco
    Roberto De Francesco
  • Image Roberto Nobile
    Roberto Nobile
  • Image Teco Celio
    Teco Celio
  • Image Toni Laudadio
    Toni Laudadio
  • Image Ulrich von Dobsch├╝tz
    Ulrich von Dobsch├╝tz
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