We Own the Night

1h 57m

A New York nightclub manager tries to save his brother and father from Russian mafia hitmen.


  • Image Aaron Scotti
    Aaron Scotti
  • Image Aaron Vexler
    Aaron Vexler
  • Image Al Linea
    Al Linea
  • Image Alex Veadov
    Alex Veadov
  • Image Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff
    Alexandra Tejeda Rieloff
  • Image Antoni Corone
    Antoni Corone
  • Image Ashley Avis
    Ashley Avis
  • Image Ava Lee Scott
    Ava Lee Scott
  • Image Barbara Ann Davison
    Barbara Ann Davison
  • Image Bernadette Lords
    Bernadette Lords
  • Image Blaise Corrigan
    Blaise Corrigan
  • Image Bob Colletti
    Bob Colletti
  • Image Christopher Place
    Christopher Place
  • Image Christopher Stadulis
    Christopher Stadulis
  • Image Claudia Lopez
    Claudia Lopez
  • Image Craig Walker
    Craig Walker
  • Image Danny Hoch
    Danny Hoch
  • Image Dominic Colón
    Dominic Colón
  • Image Dominick Cicco
    Dominick Cicco
  • Image Doug Torres
    Doug Torres
  • Image Douglas J. Aguirre
    Douglas J. Aguirre
  • Image Ed Koch
    Ed Koch
  • Image Edward Conlon
    Edward Conlon
  • Image Edward M. Kelahan
    Edward M. Kelahan
  • Image Edward Shkolnikov
    Edward Shkolnikov
  • Image Edwin J. Birmingham
    Edwin J. Birmingham
  • Image Elliot Santiago
    Elliot Santiago
  • Image Erin Deighan
    Erin Deighan
  • Image Eva Mendes
    Eva Mendes
  • Image Francis Toumbakaris
    Francis Toumbakaris
  • Image Frank Girardeau
    Frank Girardeau
  • Image Fred Burrell
    Fred Burrell
  • Image Gina Hernandez
    Gina Hernandez
  • Image Greg Wilson
    Greg Wilson
  • Image Hoon Lee
    Hoon Lee
  • Image Irwin Gray
    Irwin Gray
  • Image J.W. Cortes
    J.W. Cortes
  • Image Jamal Weathers
    Jamal Weathers
  • Image James Balsamo
    James Balsamo
  • Image Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward
  • Image Joaquin Phoenix
    Joaquin Phoenix
  • Image Joe Forbrich
    Joe Forbrich
  • Image John Borras
    John Borras
  • Image Jose Edwin Soto
    Jose Edwin Soto
  • Image Joseph Coffey
    Joseph Coffey
  • Image Joseph D'Onofrio
    Joseph D'Onofrio
  • Image Karen Nazarov
    Karen Nazarov
  • Image Karl Bury
    Karl Bury
  • Image Katie Condidorio
    Katie Condidorio
  • Image Katya Savina
    Katya Savina
  • Image Kristen Schiano
    Kristen Schiano
  • Image Loukas Papas
    Loukas Papas
  • Image Luigi Scorcia
    Luigi Scorcia
  • Image Maggie Kiley
    Maggie Kiley
  • Image Marilyn Salisbury
    Marilyn Salisbury
  • Image Mark Wahlberg
    Mark Wahlberg
  • Image Martin Pfefferkorn
    Martin Pfefferkorn
  • Image Matthew Djentchouraev
    Matthew Djentchouraev
  • Image Mike Burke
    Mike Burke
  • Image Mike Massimino
    Mike Massimino
  • Image Miriam Cruz
    Miriam Cruz
  • Image Moni Moshonov
    Moni Moshonov
  • Image Nik Pjeternikaj
    Nik Pjeternikaj
  • Image Nina Lisandrello
    Nina Lisandrello
  • Image Oleg Taktarov
    Oleg Taktarov
  • Image Patrick M. Walsh
    Patrick M. Walsh
  • Image Paul Herman
    Paul Herman
  • Image Philip E Jones
    Philip E Jones
  • Image Richard Petrocelli
    Richard Petrocelli
  • Image Richard Shankman
    Richard Shankman
  • Image Robert A. Pennacchia
    Robert A. Pennacchia
  • Image Robert Bizik
    Robert Bizik
  • Image Robert C. Kirk
    Robert C. Kirk
  • Image Robert Duvall
    Robert Duvall
  • Image Robert G. McKay
    Robert G. McKay
  • Image Robert Myers
    Robert Myers
  • Image Robert Nardi
    Robert Nardi
  • Image Ross Brodar
    Ross Brodar
  • Image Salvatore Inzerillo
    Salvatore Inzerillo
  • Image Samantha MacIvor
    Samantha MacIvor
  • Image Scott Nicholson
    Scott Nicholson
  • Image Sharon Wilkins
    Sharon Wilkins
  • Image Sybelle Silverphoenix
    Sybelle Silverphoenix
  • Image Teddy Coluca
    Teddy Coluca
  • Image Tony Devon
    Tony Devon
  • Image Tony Guida
    Tony Guida
  • Image Tony Musante
    Tony Musante
  • Image Turi Haim
    Turi Haim
  • Image Tyler Noble
    Tyler Noble
  • Image Victor Tatarkin
    Victor Tatarkin
  • Image Yelena Solovey
    Yelena Solovey
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