Wedding Crashers

1h 59m

John and his buddy, Jeremy are emotional criminals who know how to use a woman's hopes and dreams for their own carnal gain. Their modus operandi: crashing weddings. Normally, they meet guests who want to toast the romantic day with a random hook-up. But when John meets Claire, he discovers what true love – and heartache – feels like.


  • Image Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper
  • Image Christopher Walken
    Christopher Walken
  • Image David Conrad
    David Conrad
  • Image Diora Baird
    Diora Baird
  • Image Dwight Yoakam
    Dwight Yoakam
  • Image Ellen Albertini Dow
    Ellen Albertini Dow
  • Image Geoff Stults
    Geoff Stults
  • Image Henry Gibson
    Henry Gibson
  • Image Isla Fisher
    Isla Fisher
  • Image James Carville
    James Carville
  • Image Jane Seymour
    Jane Seymour
  • Image Jennifer Alden
    Jennifer Alden
  • Image John McCain
    John McCain
  • Image Kathryn Joosten
    Kathryn Joosten
  • Image Keir O'Donnell
    Keir O'Donnell
  • Image Lindsay Schoneweis
    Lindsay Schoneweis
  • Image Naureen Zaim
    Naureen Zaim
  • Image Norma Michaels
    Norma Michaels
  • Image Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson
  • Image Rachel McAdams
    Rachel McAdams
  • Image Rebecca De Mornay
    Rebecca De Mornay
  • Image Ron Canada
    Ron Canada
  • Image Vince Vaughn
    Vince Vaughn
  • Image Will Ferrell
    Will Ferrell
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