Welcome to the Dollhouse

1h 28m
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
  • 24-05-1996
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Todd Solondz
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An unattractive 7th grader struggles to cope with suburban life as the middle child with inattentive parents and bullies at school.


  • Image Angela Pietropinto
    Angela Pietropinto
  • Image Bill Buell
    Bill Buell
  • Image Brendan Sexton III
    Brendan Sexton III
  • Image Christina Brucato
    Christina Brucato
  • Image Christina Vidal
    Christina Vidal
  • Image Daria Kalinina
    Daria Kalinina
  • Image Eric Mabius
    Eric Mabius
  • Image Heather Matarazzo
    Heather Matarazzo
  • Image Josiah Trager
    Josiah Trager
  • Image Ken Leung
    Ken Leung
  • Image Matthew Faber
    Matthew Faber
  • Image Richard Gould
    Richard Gould
  • Image Siri Howard
    Siri Howard
  • Image Stacey Moseley
    Stacey Moseley
  • Image Victoria Davis
    Victoria Davis
  • Image Will Lyman
    Will Lyman
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