Welcome to the Hartmanns

1h 53m

The Hartmann family is turned upside down when mother Angelika decides to take in the refugee Diallo, against her husband's will. Amidst the typical chaos of our time, hope remains that the family finds its stability, confidence and peace again - just like the whole country.


  • Image Antonio Putignano
    Antonio Putignano
  • Image Eisi Gulp
    Eisi Gulp
  • Image Elyas M’Barek
    Elyas M’Barek
  • Image Eric Kabongo
    Eric Kabongo
  • Image Esther Kuhn
    Esther Kuhn
  • Image Eva Ingeborg Scholz
    Eva Ingeborg Scholz
  • Image Florian David Fitz
    Florian David Fitz
  • Image Heiner Lauterbach
    Heiner Lauterbach
  • Image Marcus Morlinghaus
    Marcus Morlinghaus
  • Image Marinus Hohmann
    Marinus Hohmann
  • Image Palina Rojinski
    Palina Rojinski
  • Image Pierre Kiwitt
    Pierre Kiwitt
  • Image Senta Berger
    Senta Berger
  • Image Stefan Merki
    Stefan Merki
  • Image Thilo Prothmann
    Thilo Prothmann
  • Image Thomas Darchinger
    Thomas Darchinger
  • Image Ulrike Kriener
    Ulrike Kriener
  • Image Uwe Ochsenknecht
    Uwe Ochsenknecht
  • Image Wolfram Rupperti
    Wolfram Rupperti
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