We’re All Going to the World’s Fair

1h 26m
  • We're All Going to the World's Fair
  • 15-04-2022
  • Drama, Horror
  • Jane Schoenbrun
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Reality and fantasy begin to blur when teenager Casey, alone in her attic bedroom, immerses herself in a role-playing horror game online.


  • Image Anna Cobb
    Anna Cobb
  • Image Carlos Zozaya
    Carlos Zozaya
  • Image David Buzen
    David Buzen
  • Image Evan Santiago
    Evan Santiago
  • Image Holly Anne Frink
    Holly Anne Frink
  • Image Ilan Barnoon
    Ilan Barnoon
  • Image Karen Cavanaugh
    Karen Cavanaugh
  • Image Marc Santiago
    Marc Santiago
  • Image May Leitz
    May Leitz
  • Image Michael J Rogers
    Michael J Rogers
  • Image Slight Sounds ASMR
    Slight Sounds ASMR
  • Image Theo Anthony
    Theo Anthony
  • Image Turner Greaves
    Turner Greaves
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