White Cannibal Queen

1h 30m

A man is on safari in the jungle with his wife and daughter when the wife gets eaten and the daughter is captured by cannibals. Several years later he goes back to see if his daughter is still alive.


  • Image Al Cliver
    Al Cliver
  • Image Anne Marie Rosier
    Anne Marie Rosier
  • Image Anouchka
  • Image Antonio Mayans
    Antonio Mayans
  • Image Jérôme Foulon
    Jérôme Foulon
  • Image Jesús Franco
    Jesús Franco
  • Image Lina Romay
    Lina Romay
  • Image Olivier Mathot
    Olivier Mathot
  • Image Pamela Stanford
    Pamela Stanford
  • Image Raymond Hardy
    Raymond Hardy
  • Image Sabrina Siani
    Sabrina Siani
  • Image Shirley Knight
    Shirley Knight
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