White Heat

1h 54m

A psychopathic criminal with a mother complex makes a daring break from prison and then leads his old gang in a chemical plant payroll heist. After the heist, events take a crazy turn.


  • Image Art Foster
    Art Foster
  • Image Art Miles
    Art Miles
  • Image Bill Cartledge
    Bill Cartledge
  • Image Buddy Gorman
    Buddy Gorman
  • Image Carl Harbaugh
    Carl Harbaugh
  • Image Charles Ferguson
    Charles Ferguson
  • Image Chet Brandenburg
    Chet Brandenburg
  • Image Clarence Hennecke
    Clarence Hennecke
  • Image Claudia Barrett
    Claudia Barrett
  • Image Colin Kenny
    Colin Kenny
  • Image Eddie Foster
    Eddie Foster
  • Image Eddie Phillips
    Eddie Phillips
  • Image Edmond O'Brien
    Edmond O'Brien
  • Image Ford Rainey
    Ford Rainey
  • Image Fred Clark
    Fred Clark
  • Image Fred Coby
    Fred Coby
  • Image G. Pat Collins
    G. Pat Collins
  • Image George Spaulding
    George Spaulding
  • Image Grandon Rhodes
    Grandon Rhodes
  • Image Harry Lauter
    Harry Lauter
  • Image Harry Strang
    Harry Strang
  • Image Herschel Daugherty
    Herschel Daugherty
  • Image Ian MacDonald
    Ian MacDonald
  • Image Jack Perrin
    Jack Perrin
  • Image Jack Perry
    Jack Perry
  • Image James Cagney
    James Cagney
  • Image Jeffrey Sayre
    Jeffrey Sayre
  • Image Jim Thorpe
    Jim Thorpe
  • Image Jim Toney
    Jim Toney
  • Image Joel Allen
    Joel Allen
  • Image Joey Ray
    Joey Ray
  • Image John Archer
    John Archer
  • Image John Butler
    John Butler
  • Image John McGuire
    John McGuire
  • Image John Pickard
    John Pickard
  • Image Larry McGrath
    Larry McGrath
  • Image Lee Phelps
    Lee Phelps
  • Image Leo Cleary
    Leo Cleary
  • Image Margaret Wycherly
    Margaret Wycherly
  • Image Marshall Bradford
    Marshall Bradford
  • Image Mickey Knox
    Mickey Knox
  • Image Milton Parsons
    Milton Parsons
  • Image Murray Leonard
    Murray Leonard
  • Image Nolan Leary
    Nolan Leary
  • Image Paul Guilfoyle
    Paul Guilfoyle
  • Image Perry Ivins
    Perry Ivins
  • Image Ray Bennett
    Ray Bennett
  • Image Ray Montgomery
    Ray Montgomery
  • Image Robert Carson
    Robert Carson
  • Image Robert Foulk
    Robert Foulk
  • Image Robert Osterloh
    Robert Osterloh
  • Image Sherry Hall
    Sherry Hall
  • Image Sid Melton
    Sid Melton
  • Image Sid Troy
    Sid Troy
  • Image Steve Cochran
    Steve Cochran
  • Image Terry O'Sullivan
    Terry O'Sullivan
  • Image Tom Coleman
    Tom Coleman
  • Image Virginia Mayo
    Virginia Mayo
  • Image Wally Cassell
    Wally Cassell
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