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Image Wie is de Mol?

Wie is de Mol?

60m, 50m

Ten candidates have to complete assignments to earn money. However, one of the group members is the Mole. The Mole's goal is to make the assignments fail and keep the amount of money earned as low as possible. The other candidates do not know who the Mole is, and need to unmask them. At the end of every episode the candidates take a multiple choice test about the mole's identity. The person who gives the least amount of correct answers is "executed" and must leave. This process continues until only two contestants and the Mole remain. The winner is the person with the most correct answers in the final test and they get all of the money earned in previous stages of the game.

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  • Image Charlotte Nijs
    Charlotte Nijs
  • Image Erik de Zwart
    Erik de Zwart
  • Image Florentijn Hofman
    Florentijn Hofman
  • Image Joshua Nolet
    Joshua Nolet
  • Image Lakshmi Swami Persaud
    Lakshmi Swami Persaud
  • Image Marije Knevel
    Marije Knevel
  • Image Remco Veldhuis
    Remco Veldhuis
  • Image Renée Fokker
    Renée Fokker
  • Image Rik van de Westelaken
    Rik van de Westelaken
  • Image Rocky Hehakaija
    Rocky Hehakaija
  • Image Splinter Chabot
    Splinter Chabot
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