Wild Tales

2h 5m

Six short stories that explore the extremities of human behavior involving people in distress.


  • Image Abián Vainstein
    Abián Vainstein
  • Image Alan Daicz
    Alan Daicz
  • Image Andrea Garrote
    Andrea Garrote
  • Image Camila Sofía Casas
    Camila Sofía Casas
  • Image Carlos Alberto Vavassori
    Carlos Alberto Vavassori
  • Image César Bordón
    César Bordón
  • Image Claudio Delan
    Claudio Delan
  • Image Darío Grandinetti
    Darío Grandinetti
  • Image Diego Gentile
    Diego Gentile
  • Image Diego Starosta
    Diego Starosta
  • Image Diego Velázquez
    Diego Velázquez
  • Image Érica Rivas
    Érica Rivas
  • Image Federico Liss
    Federico Liss
  • Image Germán de Silva
    Germán de Silva
  • Image Graciela Fodrini
    Graciela Fodrini
  • Image Juan Santiago Linari
    Juan Santiago Linari
  • Image Julieta Zylberberg
    Julieta Zylberberg
  • Image Leonardo Sbaraglia
    Leonardo Sbaraglia
  • Image Liliana Weimer
    Liliana Weimer
  • Image Lucila Mangone
    Lucila Mangone
  • Image Luis Mazzeo
    Luis Mazzeo
  • Image Marcelo Frasca
    Marcelo Frasca
  • Image Marcelo Pozzi
    Marcelo Pozzi
  • Image Margarita Molfino
    Margarita Molfino
  • Image María Marull
    María Marull
  • Image María Onetto
    María Onetto
  • Image Miguel Di Lemme
    Miguel Di Lemme
  • Image Mónica Villa
    Mónica Villa
  • Image Nancy Dupláa
    Nancy Dupláa
  • Image Noemí Ron
    Noemí Ron
  • Image Oscar Martínez
    Oscar Martínez
  • Image Osmar Núñez
    Osmar Núñez
  • Image Pablo Chao
    Pablo Chao
  • Image Pablo Moseinco
    Pablo Moseinco
  • Image Paula Grinszpan
    Paula Grinszpan
  • Image Ramiro Vayo
    Ramiro Vayo
  • Image Ricardo Darín
    Ricardo Darín
  • Image Rita Cortese
    Rita Cortese
  • Image Walter Donado
    Walter Donado
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