Wings of Desire

2h 8m

Two angels, Damiel and Cassiel, glide through the streets of Berlin, observing the bustling population, providing invisible rays of hope to the distressed but never interacting with them. When Damiel falls in love with lonely trapeze artist Marion, the angel longs to experience life in the physical world, and finds -- with some words of wisdom from actor Peter Falk -- that it might be possible for him to take human form.


  • Image Annelinde Gerstl
    Annelinde Gerstl
  • Image Beatrice Manowski
    Beatrice Manowski
  • Image Blixa Bargeld
    Blixa Bargeld
  • Image Bruno Ganz
    Bruno Ganz
  • Image Bruno Rosaz
    Bruno Rosaz
  • Image Chick Ortega
    Chick Ortega
  • Image Christoph Merg
    Christoph Merg
  • Image Curt Bois
    Curt Bois
  • Image Elmar Wilms
    Elmar Wilms
  • Image Hans Martin Stier
    Hans Martin Stier
  • Image Jürgen Heinrich
    Jürgen Heinrich
  • Image Lajos Kovács
    Lajos Kovács
  • Image Laurent Petitgand
    Laurent Petitgand
  • Image Mick Harvey
    Mick Harvey
  • Image Nick Cave
    Nick Cave
  • Image Otto Kuhnle
    Otto Kuhnle
  • Image Otto Sander
    Otto Sander
  • Image Peter Falk
    Peter Falk
  • Image Peter Werner
    Peter Werner
  • Image Sigurd Rachman
    Sigurd Rachman
  • Image Solveig Dommartin
    Solveig Dommartin
  • Image Teresa Harder
    Teresa Harder
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