Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies

1h 36m

During a failed art heist, the Djinn is once again liberated. This time, to complete the 1001 wishes that he needs before the final 3, he lets himself go to prison, where he starts his evil reign twisting the hopes of the prisoners. Meanwhile, the woman who set him free accidentally, Morgana, tries to find a way to stop him, aided by a young priest.


  • Image Al Foster
    Al Foster
  • Image Andrew Divoff
    Andrew Divoff
  • Image Bokeem Woodbine
    Bokeem Woodbine
  • Image Carlos Leon
    Carlos Leon
  • Image Chris Weber
    Chris Weber
  • Image Christopher Boyer
    Christopher Boyer
  • Image Corey Haim
    Corey Haim
  • Image Gwen McGee
    Gwen McGee
  • Image Holly Fields
    Holly Fields
  • Image Ilia Volok
    Ilia Volok
  • Image James Kim
    James Kim
  • Image James Staszkiel
    James Staszkiel
  • Image Levan Uchaneishvili
    Levan Uchaneishvili
  • Image M. Steven Felty
    M. Steven Felty
  • Image Maria Genero
    Maria Genero
  • Image Matt Falletta
    Matt Falletta
  • Image Oleg Vidov
    Oleg Vidov
  • Image Paul Johansson
    Paul Johansson
  • Image Randy Hall
    Randy Hall
  • Image Rhino Michaels
    Rhino Michaels
  • Image Robert LaSardo
    Robert LaSardo
  • Image Scott Klace
    Scott Klace
  • Image Scott L. Treger
    Scott L. Treger
  • Image Simon Kim
    Simon Kim
  • Image Timo Flloko
    Timo Flloko
  • Image Tom Lister Jr.
    Tom Lister Jr.
  • Image Viktor Ivanov
    Viktor Ivanov
  • Image Vyto Ruginis
    Vyto Ruginis
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