Written on the Wind

1h 39m

Mitch Wayne is a geologist working for the Hadleys, an oil-rich Texas family. While the patriarch, Jared, works hard to establish the family business, his irresponsible son, Kyle, is an alcoholic playboy, and his daughter, Marylee, is the town tramp. Mitch harbors a secret love for Kyle's unsatisfied wife, Lucy -- a fact that leaves him exposed when the jealous Marylee accuses him of murder.


  • Image Bess Flowers
    Bess Flowers
  • Image Chuck Hamilton
    Chuck Hamilton
  • Image Dani Crayne
    Dani Crayne
  • Image Dorothy Malone
    Dorothy Malone
  • Image Dorothy Porter
    Dorothy Porter
  • Image Edward Platt
    Edward Platt
  • Image Grant Williams
    Grant Williams
  • Image Harold Miller
    Harold Miller
  • Image Harry Shannon
    Harry Shannon
  • Image Joanne Jordan
    Joanne Jordan
  • Image John Larch
    John Larch
  • Image Joseph Granby
    Joseph Granby
  • Image Lauren Bacall
    Lauren Bacall
  • Image Maidie Norman
    Maidie Norman
  • Image Robert J. Wilke
    Robert J. Wilke
  • Image Robert Keith
    Robert Keith
  • Image Robert Stack
    Robert Stack
  • Image Rock Hudson
    Rock Hudson
  • Image Roy Glenn
    Roy Glenn
  • Image William Schallert
    William Schallert
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