¿Y cómo es él?

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  • ¿Y cómo es él?
  • 07-04-2022
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  • Ariel Winograd
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Thomas is a meek man on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Despite his situation he decides to fake a work trip to go to Vallarta to confront Jero, a taxi driver who is sleeping with his wife.


  • Image Consuelo Duval
    Consuelo Duval
  • Image Mauricio Barrientos
    Mauricio Barrientos
  • Image Mauricio Ochmann
    Mauricio Ochmann
  • Image Miguel Rodarte
    Miguel Rodarte
  • Image Omar Chaparro
    Omar Chaparro
  • Image Zuria Vega
    Zuria Vega
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