Yves Saint Laurent

1h 46m

A look at the life of French designer Yves Saint Laurent from the beginning of his career in 1958 when he met his lover and business partner, Pierre Berge.


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    Abdelilah Nouili
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    Abdessemad El Meskini
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    Adeline D'Hermy
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    Alexandre Steiger
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    Anne Alvaro
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    Annick Christiaens
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    Arnaud Denis
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    Astrid Whettnall
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    Benoît Giros
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    Benoît Strulus
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    Céline Spang
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    Charlotte Le Bon
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    Christian Gasc
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    Christine Metz
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    Déborah Amsens
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    Fabienne Chaudat
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    Florence Eugene
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    Gérard Lartigau
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    Guillaume Gallienne
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    Hadrien Bal
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    Jean-Édouard Bodziak
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    Jean-Henri Compère
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    Jeanne Dandoy
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    Joakim Latzko
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    Julie Bernard
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    Julien Bruant
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    Julien Lacroix
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    Karine Belly
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    Kimly Henry
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    Laura Giudice
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    Laura Martin-Bassot
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    Laura Smet
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    Laurent Maria
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    Marianne Basler
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    Marie de Villepin
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    Michèle Garcia
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    Mohamed Amine Touil
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    Nicolas Ronchi
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    Nikolai Kinski
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    Olivier Pajot
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    Patrice Thibaud
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    Philippe Morier-Genoud
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    Pierre Niney
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    Reda Zerouali
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    Renée Bellocq
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    Ruben Alves
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    Sacha Sieff
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    Sandrine Blancke
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    Sophie Riffont
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    Stéphanie Doncker
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    William Abello
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    Xavier Alcan
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    Xavier Hosten
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    Xavier Lafitte
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